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My mom’s gorgeous tits-1

Do you guys like incest stories related to mom? If yes, enjoy my story today. Let me start. Needless to say, the decorating didn’t get finished that day, or any other day for that matter. The mood at home was somewhat tense. Mom would say very little to me or even show me any affection. […]

Sexual fun with my sister

Dear readers, did you ever had sex with your sister/brother? I had. Let me tell you the story. It was about me and my sister we used to live in small town .I was 19 years and my sister was 18 years at that time .we both were studying. And used to go to schools. […]

Sexual adventures of Nisha-4

I called Mrinal and told him that I would be coming home Saturday afternoon, he said, “great, honey,” and I picked up one of Mr. Dennis’s binoculars to see him making a phone call in the bedroom. I knew who he was calling, so I called my step mother and asked her to bring over […]

Sexual adventures of Nisha-3

“Am I better in every way than Nisha?” “yes, you are, when I fuck her I think of you.” “Do you love me and want me more than her?” “of coarse I do, you know that, I’ve always told you that, but your a married woman and I didn’t want to break up a marriage, […]

Sexual adventures of Nisha-2

My neighbor got married to a beautiful woman, who was a single mom, and her son Mrinal, who I would later marry, and who quickly became my secret boyfriend, when I saw him I instantly became wet. He was 17 years old and from Brooklyn NY, and was the coolest kid in town, and was […]

Sexual adventures of Nisha-1

Hello everyone, please read all parts of my story to enjoy it completely. I just turned 19 in March of 2018 and I’ve been married since I was seventeen and I’ve been fucking since I was 12 and just about to turn Thirteen. My real name is Nisha, and I have the same kind of […]

A happy moment with mom-4

After what seemed like a few minutes of mom struggling to free herself and me tickling her for all I was worth we both stopped and laughed uncontrollably. After we calmed down a little I noticed that yet another button on her tunic had come undone and her tunic though all the struggling had moved […]

A happy moment with mom-3

At this point I must have been in a dream, I could hear the words my mom was saying to me, but my body and mouth just refused to make any sense of it all until mom brought me back to my senses once again “Dean” She shouted “come on, this ceiling wont paint itself, […]

A happy moment with mom-2

I stood still for a short time, my cock throbbing away in my shorts, like a dog begging for some attention, just thinking about the cuddle with mom and those words as she left…what did she mean? Well I didn’t matter, either way I needed to sort myself out and there was only one thing […]

A happy moment with mom-1

Hi friends, how are you doing? Let me tell you a story about my mom. I was just eighteen when my older brother Kunal left to join the military. A blessing I suppose, as he had fallen in with a bad group of friends and was likely to end up in prison if he didn’t […]

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